How to Book your Faro Car Hire in Three Simple Steps

We make a booking procedure that is very simple and also flexible to allow you to make your reservation for Faro car hire quicly and safely.

The process envolves just three steps and is very quick.
To start a booking or a quotation for your car hire in Faro you would start by filling in the fields in any of the search boxes that can be found in the main page and also selecting in the menu "Reservation" or "Quotation".
After selecting the dates for pick up and drop off, the respective locations and times you are redirect to the
First Step of the booking process where you will be presented the list of cars available for the selected dates and locations, showing the characteristics of each car with the respective prices. By clicking the buttom "Continue" associated to the car you want to book you will be redirect to the
Second Step where you will see a list of all possible extras you can opt for your rental with the respective prices and you can select the extras you want to add. After that, by clicking the buttom "Book Now", you will be redirectd to the
Third Step where you will be presented the last page of the booking process showing you a descrimination of all parcels of your rental and the grand total. You also will be presented your personal details that you can update if anything changed since your last booking and the pick up and drop off details that you should enter so we can now exactle where and when you need you car hire delivered and collected.

Before the third step you will need to enter your login details - if you have made your registration sometime before - or you will need to register if it is your first time booking a car hire with us.
The register process is also very quick and we only ask some personal details that are needed to write the contract and that will speed up the delivery procedure. You should save your username and password that will be very useful next time you book avoiding you to reenter your details again.

Please note that we don't ask and save any sensitive information like credit card numbers. We just need some personal information that will be writen in the contract that you will sign at collection time.

We tried to make our website the most direct and precise as possible and hope you can use it without major diffculties.